Muévelo Meet and Greet (Vol. 1)

1. When did you start going to Zumba® classes?

2.What does dancing mean to you?

3.Biggest surprise effect?

4.What style of music makes you “Muévelo “



Dari Jay

Class name: "ThePartyStarter."

1. I started Zumba® in 2005 but took a hiatus when I moved from MD to VA, couldn't find the right instructor that wasn't too far to drive. 

2. Music in general is a huge stress reliever, dance helps to  release the negative energy.

3. Biggest surprise was finding this awesome class and perfect instructor for my personality;) Yay for J!

4. Salsa, hip hop and Reggaeton are my favs to dance to!.



Class name: "The Sassy Salvadoreña." 

1. Started Zumba® in 2016, but been doing dance type classes since 2004. Started last year because wanted to do a work out that didn't feel like actual work.

2. Dancing keeps me as sane as I can be, it is my stress reliever and anxiety controller.   

 3. Meeting people that loved the same things I do, people that motivate to work hard, because they have been through the same struggles. Class teaches you that you are not alone.                                            

4. Anything I can shake my booty to, but as a late 80's baby love pop!



Class name: "The Floor Capitan." 

1. 9 years ago

2. Zumba® has always  been my happy place.

3. Positive effect has been the people, I made solid friends and best friends through Zumba®

4.I love cumbia and merengue



*Myra is a licensed ZIN instructor (Oct  2010)