Jason "McJazzyJay" McLaurin

Class name: "Mr. Muévelo"

Class Time: Wednesdays 7p and Alternating Saturdays  at 10a



Zumba Gold

Zumba® certified since 2014, teaching since 2015. Presented on the beaches of Punta Cana, Dominican Republic on behalf of fitbodiesinc, selected to perform at the 2017 Zumba® Convention warming up in Lisa Marie's "Fly Girl 101" and performed at the 2016 Zumba® Convention with ZES April Smith. Jason has taught classes for after school programs, teacher’s functions, kid’s birthdays and countless local area Zumbathons and Master Classes both as a presenter and a host.

Jason believes in an interactive and inclusive classroom with easy to follow steps that allows the participants to go with their own flow. His early mentors reinforced that the participants do not (and should not) come just to see the instructor dance, they come to dance and be the star, de-stress, enjoy the atmosphere and one another. The class is participant friendly and participation in highly encouraged.

His dance style and music selection will be from Pop, traditional Latin rhythms, Afrobeats, Hip-Hop with a touch of a fraternity step show stomps and shouts mixed in. 

Whatever steps you learn or miss are inconsequential, his one goal is that you leave the class feeling better than you did when you walked in!

Jason is a licensed ZIN instructor (MAR  2014)



Kike Sanchez

Class Name: "S. Sanchez"

Class Time: Guest Instructor




1. When did you start going to Zumba® classes?

2.What does dancing mean to you?

3.Biggest surprise effect?

4.What style of music makes you “Muévelo “

1.. I started Zumba by After starting a new gym membership my wife was a little bit shy to join a Zumba class by herself and basically she forced me to join her.. since then (2015) I fell in love with Zumba and started to join every single class. 

2. It means a lot to me,  it was a life changing for me,  and I'm a complete different person (100% better) after I started Zumba. 

3 it transformed my life .... it's a fun and enjoyable way to work out making you happy.. and that's what I'm right now a "happy dancing dad, almost 100 pounds lighter" lol... and it also changed my entire family life.... we all enjoy Zumba as a family which one makes me even happier!!!


Kike is a licensed ZIN instructor (Sep  2016)


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