Muévelo Meet and Greet (Vol. 2)

1. When did you start going to Zumba® classes?

2.What does dancing mean to you?

3.Biggest surprise effect?

4.What style of music makes you “Muévelo “




Class name: "Padawan"

1- I started my Zumba journey in my living room after purchasing the Zumba Fitness Video Game in 2011

2- Zumba turned into therapy for me and that was a surprise. 

3-Positive energy is infectious and addicting.  That's why I keep coming and why I teach.

4-Favorite dance styles - soca, salsa, merengue, reggaeton/hip hop, and bachata.


My motto: Live life to the fullest! Life is too precious to waste!

*Mary is a licensed ZIN instructor (May 2017)




Class name: "Ms. Front & Center"

1– I joined Zumba about 2 years ago as a way to spend more quality time with my mom -- especially in something that she truly enjoyed.  She’s been dancing for 3 years.

2 – Zumba is an outlet for so many things.  It allowed me to have fun with mom, release my stress, eat healthier, and be more fit.

3 – I did not expect to see so much comradery and friendships made – that in it itself has been a blessing to meet great people.

4 – I like high-impact choreo with music that make you want to move is good (e.g. Latin, 80s, 90s, pop music, etc.)




Class name: "Sabor a la Mexicana"

1- I started zumba in the middle of 2015

2- Dancing and sharing these moments with the class has helped me in many ways to kill stress and sadness .

3- Knowing and making friends with wonderful people such as Ava, Mary, Myra and Jason

4- music that I like: Salsa, Merengue, Reggaeton / hip hop, and bachata. truly,any kind of music that is good and that makes me move.